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The Condoms of the Future

galactic cap condoms

bill and melinda gates

The year was 2013 when Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, received about 812 entries of propositions in creating a better condom. Out of the hundreds that submitted 11 were granted $100,000 to put the projects into effect. Here are some of them:


1. Ultra-Sensitive Reconstituted Collagen Condom


This condom’s selling point is its capability to exhibit the same sensations as that of a second skin akin to a leather condom. It is made from the raw material of collagen fibers from bovine tendons. In technical terms, it is a cow condom that is capable of heat transfer.


The condoms of today are based on latex and that seems passable but having to think about using a condom that’s made from cows seems like too much of a stretch.


2. Dynamic, Universal Fit, Low Cost Condom


The condom’s selling notion is its ability to shrink during sexual intercourse which increases the likability of pleasure and reliability. A one – size – fits – all condom, this innovation will give the barely there feeling and reduces any chances of leakage.


3. Biologically Inspired Condom


Going all natural, this condom’s idea of innovation is hitting the lines of what is organic. They wanted to create a new polymer compound that is akin to lubricated skin. Once they are able to successfully develop such raw material, they will be able to create a condom that improves sensations in the fastest available time and is easily manufactured.

4. Ultra Sheer “Wrapping” Condom with Superior Strength


This sheer sheathe condom is one that clings to a man’s manhood with ease. The inventor had the thought of having a condom that clings like a plastic wrap rather that one that squeezes. The idea of it is also similar to Project Rapidom. However, the extra handles is part of the condoms itself. They call it pull tabs.


5. Project Rapidom


From the name itself this condom is designed to accommodate the elements of a quick tryst. A typical condom will take you awhile to put but with the advanced packaging of this invention the user will be able to put the condom accurately in the fastest way possible. It has been shared by some ladies of Escorts Sydney Girls that its tiring to have to wait all the time to apply condoms!


Looks like a lot of girls would be delighted if this comes to the market.


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