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The Act of Fellatio – Best Job He’s Ever Had

Men are undeniably crazy for oral stimulation. According to experts, fellatio can be one of the most empowering sexual activities because the one giving it takes charge of the others’ pleasure. Aside from that, it can boost arousal.

Escorts Sydney GirlsCommonly known as Blow Job, fellatio comes from a Latin word which means ‘to suck’. Not everyone may be a fan of it (you’ll have to work really hard). But it’s an exploratory act that’s fun and exciting at the same time.

That said, it’s a special skill to give your man a Blow Job and finish it. There might be a few obstacles in the way – like your gag reflex – but ladies, it can be perfected through practice. Don’t deprive him, instead, have him beg for more.

All Part of the Job

Know the cock. The penis is fairly simple to understand. There’s the shaft (which contains the least number of sensitive nerve endings), the balls and the head. Think of the head as your clitoris, it’s the most sensitive part.

Some men can’t stand to have their balls touched. Meanwhile, others want their testicles licked, sucked and even pulled. It’s all about observing his expressions or the sound he makes as you do take him entirely.

Take pleasure. Don’t do it just for the sake of giving him what he wants. An important part of Blow Job is taking pleasure in giving it. Remember, at that very moment, he surrenders his trust in terms of achieving sexual satisfaction.

Tease the penis. It’s essential to start slow. Give some time for the sensual tension to build up. It’s one of the secrets to make him squirm. Tease your way to the penis – start by licking his inner thighs, suck his balls and find your way to the tip.

Techniques to Learn

Use the Lube. Edible lubes have invaded the market. As Escorts Sydney girls would say, a smooth fellatio can go a long way. Besides, men hate friction during oral sex. Give him a treat by using some lube for the whole act.

Roam the hands. Most women have the problem of what to do with their hands while performing an oral. Try creating an ‘OK’ sign while holding his shaft. With this gesture, you can do all sorts of strokes or squeezes.

Cup his testicles. Ladies, don’t forget the balls. Giving his jewels a good cupping is enough to heighten the sensation. If you need a breather from his huge penis, work your way down his balls and play with them for a while.

The greedy gaze. Making an occasional eye contact maintains that erotic connection. Let him see the hunger, the desire and the greed in your eyes as you take his cock into your mouth. Not only it’s a big turn-on, it can totally boost his arousal.

Make some noise. His moans don’t have to fill the room. Don’t be afraid to make some noises too. If you’re not the type to talk dirty, learn a few words that will surprise him and throw in some of your moans.

Play with temperature. It won’t hurt to experiment with a variety of sensations. In fact, it will even intensify his pleasure. Surprise him by using some effective props – ice cubes. Slip one into your mouth while sucking him.

Spit or swallow. Ever heard of the saying ‘spitters are quitters’? Majority of guys want a no-mess finish but some girls hate to swallow. Well, you can try it once and if you don’t like the aftertaste, learn how to spit in a sexy manner.

Try deep-throat. If you want to drive a man crazy, Escorts Sydney girls shares you can never go wrong with giving him a deep throat. Perform it to the best of your ability. Just so you know, a bit of practice can actually tame the gag.


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