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Escort Sydney Girl | The Shape of Your Face Has an Influence on Your Sexuality, New Study Notes

Do you have a round, or square-shaped face? Well, it’s because new research reveals that something as benign as your face shape can have an influence on your sexuality! Read on to find out more about this puzzling, and truly interesting discovery by researchers from Nipissing University in Canada. Men & Women With Square Face […]

Escort Sydney Girls | Your Brain is Command Central for Everything Erotic, According to New Study

We all know that our brain is the nerve centre for everything related to the body, from how your eyes, hands and legs move to how we make decisions, as well as when or how we get horny! If you’d like to get to know that big sex organ between your ears, so that you […]

Escort Sydney Girls | 4 Great Ways to Outperform Your Lady’s Vibrator

Does your wife, girlfriend or hookup buddy own, and regularly use, a vibrator? Sure, she may have a vibrating silicone, but why should you get intimidated when you have tongue, fingers and a penis? Here are a couple of cool sex tips to work all your tools to their greatest orgasm-producing potentials, and outperform your […]

Escort Sydney Girls – Does Pot Make Or Break Your Sex Life?

Have you tried smoking weed? Some who did claim they felt a sense of calm, became giggly while others say they felt horny as hell! You might like to try it once with the ever-kinky Escort Sydney Girls and see how grass affects you. Anyway, it’s a fact that different people have different reactions to […]

Escort Sydney Girls – This Play Called “BOB”

It’s a fact that today, anal sex is still a topic so awkward to discuss. Even then, more and more hetero couples are doing it, with more females enjoying penetrating their lovers. This play has been coined ‘bend over boyfriend, or simply, “Bob”. If you haven’t done it before, try it now and find the […]

Escort Sydney Girls | Top 4 Ways to Deal with a Clingy Girlfriend

Few blokes like a clingy, too-needy girlfriend. After all, having to deal with her insecurities can eventually put a damper on you day-to-day fun. However, subtly looking for ways to get rid of her is the last thing you should do, say the lovely babes at Escort Sydney Girls. This is especially true if her […]

Escort Sydney Girls | The Steamiest TV Sex Scenes in 2016-17

Have you checked out what’s available on cable TV today? Well, the good thing is that the shows and series on TV today are still as racy and steamy as last year! But wait, do you still remember which TV shows or series last year were the steamiest, or the raciest? In case you forgot […]

Escort Sydney Girls | Smartphone Apps To Retrieve That Sizzle In Your Spiritless Sex Life

Has your sex urges slowly gone down the pits? It may be because you’ve been lacking in tactics on how to make instances scorching in bed, or else you let your lover fall sleepy from monotony! The good news, there are smartphone apps to help retrieve that sizzle in your unmistakably spiritless sex life! Wunderlist […]

Escort Sydney Girls | The Randy Traveller’s Tips On How To Journey Bringing Along A Lusty Toy

People recognise the feeling when our belongings undergo inspection at air terminals and harbours, and thereafter, the security authorities unearth a number of our somewhat personal things. You’ll always feel sort of petrified or tense. Okay so, suppose you are stowing an adult toy along in your possession! Here’s a glimpse of the sleazy traveller’s […]

Escort Sydney Girls | The Proper Etiquette to Follow When Giving Someone a Sex Toy

Are you planning to give your girlfriend, or perhaps your hookup buddy, a vibrator, dildo or some other type of sex toy? Well, before giving one a sex toy, remember that the planet is still not a very friendly place for sex toys (Considering that the US state of Georgia, along with other areas, has […]

Summer Sex Bucket-List Suggestions to Consider

Its’ summer again! (Well, that depends on where you live in the planet) And chances are as summer soars, you’ll want to have lots of sex too, because the extra sunlight and warm weather are sure to make you hornier, and that’s according to science, which says that the production of libido-boosting hormones is enhanced […]

Scientists Say That Stoners Are Having Better Sex Than Everyone

What’s a stoner? And have you ever encountered one in your neighbourhood? A “stoner’ is actually a slang for someone who smokes cannabis, often. In fact, most people would talk them down as if they are better, even if they consume more than regular amounts of marijuana, alcohol and caffeine! Well, stoners are generally a […]

Escort Sydney Girls – Top Positions for Getting It on with A New Partner

When you hook up with someone for the first time, it can be as exciting as it is nerve-wracking, since that person is someone you barely know. How are you supposed to know what they like in the bedroom without actually taking a long time on exploring? The lovely courtesans at Private Sydney Escorts can […]

Escort Sydney Girls – New Study Surprisingly Notes That Those Who Travel More Have Lesser Morals

Do you consider yourself a regular travel bug? Well, if you, or your partner, travel more, a new study done by Columbia University in the US suggests that the more likely you are to cheat! While it’s true that travelling the world may broaden your horizons, it may also seem to reorient your moral compass! […]

Escort Sydney Girls | 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Become Emotionally Vulnerable and Have Intense Sex

Do you want to experience better, more intense sex? But instead of using handcuffs, whips, blindfolds or porn videos, why don’t you try something like, enhancing the emotional intimacy in your sexual relationship? Most sex and relationship experts agree that adding a mix of honesty, trust, self-acceptance and courage can actually translate into great, or […]

Escort Sydney Girls | Top 5 Things to Avoid When You’re Happily Attached

They say people shouldn’t change for someone when in a relationship but, in all honesty, there are some things that could bear some changing. For example, looking for the Escort Sydney Girls and engaging one of them for a night out, or even the weekend. When you have a significant other, that habit has to […]

Escort Sydney Girls – Tease Her with Your Tongue the Right Way

For many, the dating scene can be a tad difficult to navigate, especially if you’re not that experienced. The lovely courtesans at Escort Sydney Girls can help you improve your technique, whether it’s how you treat your date or if it’s your bedroom routine. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company without […]

Escort Sydney Girls | 3 Reasons Why the Missionary Is Still the Best Sex Position Ever

What’s the most popular, or the most common sex position available? Well, it’s the – missionary! At one time (like the 50s or the 60’s?) the missionary position was epitome of sex, until the hippies (and others) introduced Kama Sutra, or some other acrobatic and artistically-challenging sexual positions. Here’s a look at 3 reasons why […]

Escort Sydney Girls – The Top 3 Benefits Couples Get from Threesome

Believe it or not, but there are many women out there who like the idea of experiencing threesome. But of course, as what Escort Sydney Girls say, they tend to hide such desire. After all, they’re trying to maintain a particular decency. Nevertheless, there are benefits that you, as a couple, could experience from doing […]

Escort Sydney Girls – 4 Reasons Why You’re Having a Hard Time Getting Laid

As of now, you might be probably wondering why, after all this time, you’re still not getting laid. Or perhaps, the worst, you’re still a virgin. According to Escort Sydney Girls, sometimes, the problem lies with the fact that you’re lazy enough to try things. That you don’t exert too much effort on getting laid […]

Escort Sydney Girls – US College Study Says That Men Think Of Sex Around 19 Times A Day

Do men think about sex? Well, yes? Guess that should not be a question any more, as men of course think about sex every day. But then again, a new study conducted by Ohio State University is challenging this widely-held notion that a guy’s mind is always preoccupied with one topic, and it’s always about […]

Escort Sydney Girls – 4 Kinds of Sex You Need to Introduce in Bed

When you’ve been together a while, it’s not uncommon for the same old sex routine to come knocking at the door.  And take note, as what Escort Sydney Girls warn, it might be difficult to say no to such scenario. After all, both of you have grown accustomed to it. But before things become too […]

Escort Sydney Girls – 3 Sex Tips Every Guy Should Need In His Life

Sex is an incredible experience. It’s even best when done properly. However, as what Escort Sydney Girls say, it can sometimes be a bad thing to women. Why? That’s because there are men who don’t know how to pleasure their partner, thus instead of bringing pleasure, it build frustration to these women. For any men […]

Escort Sydney Girls – Top Exercises to Help Improve Your Sexual Technique

When it comes to the bedroom, part of what dictates you and your partner’s enjoyment and satisfaction is your sexual technique. It doesn’t matter if your partner is one of the Escort Sydney Girls you found online. What does matter, however, is whether or not you’re physically fit. Yes, even if some studies show that […]

Escort Sydney Girls – The 5 Kinds of Female Orgasm You Need to Know Now

Sure, you probably know the ways to licking her ass and/or pussy. Heck, you might even know what sex position works best for her. However, when it comes to her orgasm, you probably have no idea that there are kinds of it. Yes, that’s right. According to Escort Sydney Girls, there are different types of […]

Escort Sydney Girls | 4 Simple Ways to Make Your First Sex Great

Say you’re out on a date and, of course, it’s your goal to bring her to your flat. But hey, it doesn’t come that easy. According to Escort Sydney Girls, inviting a girl for a sex is easier said than done. Hence lots of guys fail miserable during their first time. Well, it’s completely understandable. […]

Escort Sydney Girls | 4 Cool Tips to Ask Your Lady for a Blowjob

C’mon, admit it – you want her to give you head. Well, even if you deny it, men are actually guilty of wanting such. According to Escort Sydney Girls, a good percentage of men have always dreamed of being sucked. That’s right – they’ve always fantasize about their partners giving them a nice trip downtown. […]

Escort Sydney Girls | Here Are 3 Ways to Bring a Woman’s Interest in You Again

Prior to sex, you need to ensure that a woman is fully attracted to you. But of course, if you have come to that point already and she just happens to lost interest, then it’s a pretty sucked up situation. Well, according to Escort Sydney Girls, there are things that you can do to bring […]

Escort Sydney Girls | Alternative Tools & Equipments For Kink Fans Who Are Short Of Cash

What is “kink”, and why are a lot of men and women interested in it, or are already adhering to it? Well, kink is defined as “any unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies, in contrast to conventional or “vanilla” sexual mores and practices”. The term can also be used to define “the practice of sexual […]

Escort Sydney Girls | Feederism, Foot Fetish, Etc. – Researchers Say That 1 In 6 People Today Has A Sex Fetish

What’s a “fetish”, and why are an increasing number of people into it today? A fetish is when a person derives strong sexual arousal from some non-human object, a non-genital body part, or a bodily secretion. Basically, it’s all about being sexually aroused by something that’s not arousing (or even pleasing) to many people. But, […]

Escort Sydney Girls – Top 3 Things Not to Do

Escorts certainly don’t fit into a single type, just as their clients come in different shapes and sizes – figuratively speaking. You can’t be sure a curvaceous woman is with Escort Sydney Girls or not, but if she is, chances are she’s run into clients who act a certain way. Sometimes, this is a good […]

Escort Sydney Girls – 4 Steal-Worthy Tips to Keep Your Sexual Health at Maximum Level

There is no doubt that all men want to be healthy, fit and active. In fact, in lots of cases, they try and take care of themselves by watching what they eat, getting exercise on a regular basis, and managing the stress in their daily lives. However, according to Escort Sydney Girls, many men are […]

Escort Sydney Girls | What Not to Ask Any Escort Ever

In every business, you may encounter questions that make those in said business raise a disbelieving eyebrow. This could then be followed with either an answer to the question, or a change of topic. Escorts, like the ones from Escort Sydney Girls, have been on the receiving end of such questions – remember that these […]

Escort Sydney Girls – Trends That Have Altered The Sexual Landscape In The Past 10 Years

A lot has changed within a decade, especially in terms of how people date, and how they have sex too. According to recent survey conducted by OKCupid, one of world’s most popular online dating sites, how people hook up in 2016 is way different from what they were doing just a decade ago. The OKCupid […]

Kinky Pleasure and Surrender: The Use of Safe Words

Are you familiar with the erotic love story of the hot and gorgeous dominant Christian Grey and the innocently beautiful Anastasia Steele? Ain’t it sexy how these two couples become the epitome of overly sensual BDSM? With that, in this post escorts Sydney girls will discuss the nature and importance of the use of safe […]

All About the Sydney Escort Girls

Women in the various Sydney escort girls look for men that can give them pleasure. Yes, these ladies can provide excellent service but can you do the same for them? Aside from monetary benefits they get from their clients, escorts also want to have fun meeting new people in their bookings and other transactions. As […]

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