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Summer Sex Bucket-List Suggestions to Consider

Its’ summer again! (Well, that depends on where you live in the planet) And chances are as summer soars, you’ll want to have lots of sex too, because the extra sunlight and warm weather are sure to make you hornier, and that’s according to science, which says that the production of libido-boosting hormones is enhanced by exposure to sunshine. So, here are a couple of summer sex bucket-list suggestions for you to consider.

Introduce Cold Things

Whether you’re in the middle of a fun summer holiday with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Escorts Sydney Girls, perhaps you could try introducing cold stuff to your sex routines! For example, you could opt to have sex on a shade-chilled surface, like bathroom tiles or kitchen counters! You could even incorporate ice in your erotic play, or use a vibrator that’s been placed in the fridge for hours!

Escorts Sydney Girls

Do it in a Swimming Pool

To make summer sex real nice and cool and – wet why don’t you take it to the pool? Water makes things slippery and nice, although pool sex can be quite challenging to execute. So, if indulging in the open ocean or beach is not your type (for fear a sea creature might attempt to join in), perhaps it would be safer to indulge in some sexy pool snogging.

Go For Quickies

And since summer holidays entail a lot of walking and sight-seeing, perhaps you and your partner would already be too exhausted to do anything energetic for longer than 10 minutes! So, instead of the usual 10-minutes shagging, why not go for quickies and embrace it with sweaty arms and legs!

Do it in the Great Outdoors

If you’ve only had sex with a roof over your head, perhaps this summer you should make some changes, by doing it in the great outdoors! For example, you and your hookup buddy, or lovely Escorts in Sydney could do it in a comfy tent, down on a mossy mound, or brace yourselves against a tree!

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