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Scientists Say That Stoners Are Having Better Sex Than Everyone

What’s a stoner? And have you ever encountered one in your neighbourhood? A “stoner’ is actually a slang for someone who smokes cannabis, often. In fact, most people would talk them down as if they are better, even if they consume more than regular amounts of marijuana, alcohol and caffeine! Well, stoners are generally a friendly and peaceful minority (but that depends on where you live!), and one study even noted that they’re having better sex than the rest of us who are “normal”!

Stoners Are Not At All Useless at Sex

If your current hookup buddy, or lovely Escort Sydney Girls, know someone who is so hooked to cannabis and other illicit drugs, perhaps you shouldn’t tell them of a new study which reveals that stoners are actually so good at sex, because they’d probably leave you for them!

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Luxury condom brand Skyn recently carried an exhaustive study of 500,000 men and women aged 18-34, and they found that the average stoner (which is typically someone who smokes weed at least every day) is not only banging more, but is banging better too!

According to the results, around 59% of cannabis users were noted to be consistently having great sex, which is considerably higher than the 41% of non-smokers who report the same. Why? Well, the researchers stressed that as a stimulant, weed is more likely to make you hyper-aware of the bodily sensations, which often leads to deeper orgasms, especially in women

Stoned Sex is A Novelty, Because it’s Something You Can Indulge in Occasionally

Although there is some evidence linking high levels of marijuana consumption to unsavoury effects like erectile dysfunction and the obvious dry-mouth related inconveniences, the only obstacle to great sex for most sexually-active stoners was the real risk of accidentally getting too backed to move in bed!

In fact, if done occasionally, stoned sex can be really nice and memorable, because it gives you a heightened sensory experience (and the orgasms are mind-blowing too they say), and everything is more intense. However, it can take a while to actually get going, as you would be too busy rolling around giggling or feeling sleepy!

But if sniffing a few sticks or rolls of weed is just not your thing, I guess you could still enjoy things in a rather normal, “non-stoned” manner, with your girlfriend, or with the lovely and sizzling Private Sydney Escorts!

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