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Escorts Sydney Girls Stories: The Pornstar

When you are an escort, the world of porn will creep on you sooner or later; like a languorous touch of a lover in the throes of lovemaking. These two worlds are intertwined, interconnected, interrelated. The industry is too niche to be big enough, and eventually, an escort would dabble into porn.

Escorts Sydney GirlsEscorting is a client-based job. The more clients you have and retain, the more money goes into your pocket. I was one of escort Sydney girls when I got a call from a man wanting to meet me for a bit of “chitchat” over lunch. That wasn’t strange. I always got similar invitations from my clients. It’s an opportunity for them to scope me out. Then decide if they like me enough to warm their beds. There are clients like that. Then there are clients who just want to fuck – they don’t care what I look like. They’ve seen my less-than-ideal photo on the Internet and were okay with it.

It was a good ol’ business meeting. He laid out the terms, made offer; making sure I understood. I was to be filmed while being fucked. That’s it. Good enough for me. It was easy money, and the man even gave me a headshot of who I was to be partnered with. The man in the picture looked good. A bit too tanned for my tastes, but had great features. Boyish charm was the term that came to mind. Fuckable sure, but not exactly my cup of tea.

When the day of the shoot arrived, I was incredibly nervous. The environment, the location (eventhough it was a beautiful villa overlooking the ocean), the alarming amount of people around, the disgusting amount of makeup I was caked-up with – it was all so overwhelming.

When I first saw him, he was on a robe. He was taller than I expected. His abs glistened under the fake lighting, his legs a thing of beauty. Yes, he was very manly specimen. We were introduced, and the first thing he said to me was, “So my dick will be inside you today.” Crass, but honest. I smiled and replied, “Or we could say that my pussy will be creaming your dick today. Get ready though, I wasn’t a escort Sydney girl for nothing.” He returned my smile with a grin, and replied, “Let’s see then”.

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