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Escorts Sydney Girls Stories: The “Fleshlight”

I’ve never seen anything like it. Sure I’ve heard about it but seeing the real thing put me off for a moment. It was mechanical-looking, black and utilitarian. There wasn’t anything sexy about it. It seemed robotic, detached and out of place. I had a silent thought “how could anyone get pleasure out of an object so obviously lacking in intimacy?” The thing was baffling.

Escorts Sydney Girls

His voice finally snapped me out of my criticisms. “It’s called a fleshlight, a sex aide, a masturbation device. I want you to use it on me while you lick my nipples.” I was an escort Sydney girl. He was a client. Big, burly, and beer bellied. His facial hair was bordering on disgustingly long, but it at least it looked clean.

His idea of release sounded appealing to me. I was a small girl, and having him on top of me while he thrust his way home sounded like a bit of work on my part.
He handed me the fleshlight. It was surprisingly light even though It seemed like it’d feel heavier.

“I don’t know how to use this.” I confessed.
I turned the fleshlight over. To my surprise, It had a small opening in the shape a puckered sphincter.
“It’s the butt kind. There are three types. The vagina, the mouth and that one.. I have them all, but I like this one the most.”

I didn’t know what to make of his assertion. The thought of him having one fleshlight made me think he was incredibly needy. But three? Hmmm…he must be really lonely… Or very kinky.

“So I jack you off with this? Then lick your nipple while doing so?” I confirmed.

“Yes.” His eyes lit up.
I inserted his cock into the fleshlight and started jacking him off.. I got to work and licked his right nipple. He has a decent rug on his chest, but thank the heavens for small mercies.. His nipples were completely devoid of hair.

The fleshlight felt warm in my hand. He was moaning, shifting uncontrollably every 10 seconds. I surmised it must have felt really good.

It was a small departure from my typical escort Sydney girl duties, but I wasn’t complaining.

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