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Escorts Sydney Girls – Moves She’ll Love For Foreplay

When it comes to delivering pleasure, no two people react the same way to the same stimulus, and it takes time to find a rhythm that suits both parties. However, the lovely babes showcased on Escorts Sydney Girls are experts at adapting to their partners.

Escorts Sydney Girls This doesn’t mean, though, that you can let them take the lead all the time – unless having a gorgeous woman dominate you is a turn-on for you. Here are a few moves, then, that will work for any lady you’re with, to guarantee explosive orgasms for you and her.

1. Come-from-behind touch. Done in public, this kind of teasing will get her wanting more once you’re somewhere private. For example, you can lightly cup a breast before resting your hand on her hip. Or quickly squeeze her butt while you’re being shown your table in a restaurant.

2. Go for the jugular. There’s no need to pull out your Dracula impression to nail this foreplay move. Women’s necks are more sensitive than men’s, so feathery, closed-mouth kisses are a good place to start before you begin using lips and teeth.

3. Linger on the kiss. Start with short, tender kisses, then gradually build up intensity. Lingering on this will help her relax more, and tell her that you want to make the session last.

You’ll want to be sure, though, that you don’t surprise her with deep French kissing at the wrong time, because that can kill the mood.

4. Massage. This is a great way to ease tension from a long day, and tell your partner that you’re willing to do what it takes to get her in the mood. You can jump right in with a butt massage that includes her upper thighs. Stay away from her nether regions first – again, teasing is the name of the game.

5. Make out, high school style. Leave your clothes in place, and you’ll feel as though you might get caught at any time, which is a pretty good turn-on. Kissing, stroking, and petting, all with your clothes on is also a great way to build anticipation.

After that, skin-on-skin contact will be all the hotter.

Check out the gallery at Escorts Sydney Girls for your perfect sex goddess, and pull one or all of these moves on her. You’re sure to have a pleasurably explosive evening.

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