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Escorts Sydney Girls | Joining the Mile-High Club – Tips for Getting It On In a Plane

There are some things that people can’t take away from you once you’ve earned them. A bachelor’s degree in engineering, for instance, or a certification in programming. Among these is that often-elusive membership in the Mile-High Club. You can’t engage one of the escort Sydney girls you find online without knowing what that is. Right?

Escorts Sydney GirlsSo just how do you have sex on a plane without everyone staring at you as if you’d just lost your head? Here are a few tips.

1. Wait for a lull in activity. If you’re just looking to finger her, or she’s just going to give you a hand job, you can simply throw on a blanket and go to it. That’s even with the flight attendants running around. However, actually getting it on means you need to wait for things to calm down.

On an international flight, that’s usually after the first meal service – including when the attendants go around collecting the empty meal trays. On domestic flights wait until everyone is engrossed in the in-flight movie. If it’s a red-eye flight, wait until your neighbours have dropped off to sleep.

2. Bring your own blanket. There’s no telling how many people have used that blanket you just requested from the attendant. Don’t risk catching an STD (yes, apparently it’s possible) and pack a blanket in your carry-on bag. Have your girl bring another if you’re not sure yours will cover you both.

3. Set the stage. This is mostly for domestic or international flights that don’t last very long, so not many people actually fall asleep on it. However you decide to do it, at some point, one of you gets up to use the lavatory. After a few minutes, the one left in their seat goes to follow – as if to check up on their partner.

Once you’re both in the lavatory, you can have your fun – just don’t be too loud, unless you’re pretending to have an argument.

4. Choose the flight carefully. If you don’t want to go through too much hassle, take care of most of the preparation by choosing a flight that isn’t usually filled with people. Late-night flights are one possibility. That way, you and your girl won’t just be in adjacent seats – the middle and window seat, hopefully – but you’ll have a whole row to yourselves.

On these less crowded flights, people fall asleep in the strangest positions, so you could pull off reverse-cowgirl – don’t forget your blankets! – without anyone batting an eye.

Of course, your partner may not be up for joining the Mile-High Club just yet, so make sure both of you are game to try before you do any of the above. What if you don’t have a romantic and sexual partner? Just browse online for escort Sydney girls and find out if they have any qualms about aeroplane sex, then you’ll be good to go.

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