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Escorts Sydney Girls | Jaw-Dropping Facts & Figures About Masturbation

If masturbation, and other sex practices, were considered illegal or immoral in the 16th or 17th centuries, well today there are even holidays or festivals celebrating the joys of human sexuality! Times have certainly changed, especially when it comes to society’s openness in discussing sex-related issues (like masturbation). Here are a couple of jaw-dropping facts and figures about masturbation.

Escorts Sydney GirlsGuys Often Out-Masturbate Girls
According to data released by the US National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men regularly out-masturbate women (Perhaps a lot of guys would also prefer masturbating with hot and lovely Escorts Sydney Girls).

The survey noted that 80% of men aged 20 to 29 years old reported masturbating at least once a week over the past year. Around 64 to 72 percent of women were noted to have reported masturbating during the same period.

Women Fantasize About Their Partner Or Friend
The US National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior also noted that women fantasized about their partner or friend while masturbating. It was noted that 65% of women fanatsized about their partner while masturbating, and 13% fantasized having sex with a friend.

Around 3% of women had erotic fantasies with their boss, 2% fantasized about a colleague, 6% had sexual fantasies with celebrities, while 10% didn’t reveal who they were masturbating about.

More People Have Been Caught Masturbating
The most recent US sex survey also noted that 41% of people have been caught masturbating. But while being caught wanking may be an embarassing episode, what’s good is that many studies have shown that masturbation lowers the risks of type-2 diabetes, prostate cancer, depression and cervical infections in women.

More Ladies Use The Vibe While Masturbating
The US national sex survey also reports that 53 percent of women use vibrators while masturbating, as compared to just 17% of men who report using vibrators for solo masturbation.

Escorts Sydney GirlsMany Countries Encourage Their Youth To Masturbate
Although many countries still look unfavorably on issues like masturbation (especially in the east), the United Kingdom and other European nations are encouraging their youth to masturbate. It’s because health officials in these areas believe that masturbation is effective at reducing sexually-transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy.

More Teenagers Are Doing It, But They Won’t Admit It
An increasing number of teenagers today are already doing it with themselves too. One recent survey notes that before guys and girls reach 18, 80% of males and 59% of females have already tried masturbation.

Masturbation Makes You Happier
Of the different surveys on human sexuality and behavior, there was one item that appeared in all of them, and it was the fact that masturbation makes you happier. Many ladies reported that self-servicing was a great way for them to get in tune with their bodies. Many guys and girls also reported feeling joy and pleasure, and relieving stress, through regular masturbation.

Whether you call it wanking, tickling the pickle, choking the chicken or spanking the monkey, the fact is that more people today are admitting that they’re masturbating, and they love doing it regularly. And if you want your erotic fantasies to truly come to life, then perhaps you could masturbate, and have great sex after, with hot and sexy Escorts Sydney Girls.

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