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Escorts Sydney Girls – Into the Bath for Incredibly Sensual Pleasure

The number of places to have sex is practically endless, since your only limit is your imagination. Within the house or apartment, for example, the bedroom is only one place; you can even get it on in the bathroom. The ladies at Escorts Sydney Girls are of course used to these less than conventional locations.

Escorts Sydney GirlsBefore you steam up the bathroom mirror with more than steam from that hot water, here are a few things to remember so that doing the dirty while getting clean will be as delightful as possible.

  1. Don’t forget the mat. There are different sizes when it comes to tubs and shower stalls, but even the bigger ones don’t have that much space when 2 people get in. Keep falls, slips, and bruised knees at bay with a cushioned, non-slip mat. She won’t complain of achy limbs if she gives head with a mat to cushion things.

  1. Reach for a stool. Usually, a padded one is the best way to go, especially when you return the favour and go down on her. She’ll be more relaxed and comfortable that way, compared to her dying to stand up when you go down and there’s no cushioning at hand.

  1. Keep lube handy. Water is a possible lubricant, true, but it washes away her natural lubrication. Silicone-based ones are best so it doesn’t go down the drain along with the water. You want the friction to feel oh-so-good, not distractingly painful when you slide in.

  1. Foreplay matters. Some women become wet down there easier when they’re being wet everywhere else, and part of the fun is in both of you fooling around before the main course. Soap each other’s bodies, or wash her hair then let her wash yours. Find new ways to warm up, and take your time; there’s no rush.

  1. Save the best for last. It’s tempting to jump right in when both of you are raring to go, but doing it in the bath too long can end up with you two becoming light-headed. You want her to faint from pleasure, so once the soap’s all washed off, make your exit. If you both haven’t finished, take it to the bedroom. At least you won’t have any clothes to take off.

Orgasmic pleasures, in the bedroom or otherwise, are waiting for you; check out the gallery at Escorts Sydney Girls now!

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