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Escort Sydney Girls – Top Positions for Getting It on with A New Partner

When you hook up with someone for the first time, it can be as exciting as it is nerve-wracking, since that person is someone you barely know. How are you supposed to know what they like in the bedroom without actually taking a long time on exploring? The lovely courtesans at Private Sydney Escorts can help you feel less awkward, should you engage one of them.

You won’t always be with one of these vixens, but that’s no reason to lose your head and worry endlessly about your choice of position. Here are some no-fail picks for such a bedroom romp.

 Escort Sydney GirlsMissionary. This position is the most basic of the basic positions, and for good reason. There’s no way you can screw up missionary, and it’s great for building intimacy – which your partner needs for her climax. Even if you know you won’t be seeing her again, that sense of connection is essential for her getting as close as possible to the Big O.

If you want to make things hotter, raise her knees or legs so you can thrust into her from a different angle and go deeper if she asks you to. Don’t be afraid to touch other parts of her body, too, while going at it.

  1. Cowgirl. This position puts her in charge, which she’s sure to love since she’s more likely to orgasm in this pose. She’ll be able to show you how fast she likes it, not to mention how hard and how deep. You can then segue into missionary from this position, and use what she showed you to give it to her good.

If you want to stay in cowgirl pose, bend your legs to give her something to lean against, thus giving you a hot view of what’s going on down there.

  1. Oral. While not exactly a position, it shows your partner that you want to do your part in bringing her pleasure. One of the best things about oral sex is that you can give it to her while she’s standing up, sitting down, or lying on the bed, giving this sex act some variety.

If you want to practice your tongue lashing technique, or just hone your bedroom techniques in general but don’t have a long-term partner, don’t fret. Browse the gallery at Escort Sydney Girls, and you’ll find the best pleasure professional for you.

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