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Escort Sydney Girls | Top 4 Ways to Deal with a Clingy Girlfriend

Few blokes like a clingy, too-needy girlfriend. After all, having to deal with her insecurities can eventually put a damper on you day-to-day fun. However, subtly looking for ways to get rid of her is the last thing you should do, say the lovely babes at Escort Sydney Girls. This is especially true if her clinginess only appeared after you’ve been dating for a while.

Experts say this happens because something may have happened to cause her to feel insecure. If you find yourself in such a situation, here’s how you can help your girl regain her self-confidence. Once she does, you can look forward to a better relationship – whether inside the bedroom or out of it.

Escort Sydney Girls

  1. Keep her involved. Keeping quiet about your everyday life, particularly when you used to be open about it, will just make her feel more distant and insecure. Tell her what happened at work, or send her a text to let her know you thought about her. You don’t have to do it all throughout the day; a small sign now and then that you’re still into her will be a great comfort.
  2. Follow through. Did you two make plans to go somewhere in particular, or start a routine such as texting every night before bed? Don’t let those plans dwindle into non-existence, and do your best not to break the routine. This will tell her she’s still worth your time.
  3. Talk to her. Rein in your urges to snap at her whenever she behaves in a clingy manner and calmly tell her about it, instead. Let her know how the clinginess is making you feel, and that there’s no need for her to feel insecure. Then ask her what she needs or wants from you. You may be surprised to learn that the answer is usually something simple.
  4. Compromise and set boundaries. Sit down and talk with her about how her clinginess makes you feel. While you do this, listen to her needs as well, and find a way to compromise. This way, you get the breathing space you need, and she gets the reassurance she needs.

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