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Escort Sydney Girls – Top 3 Things Not to Do

Escorts certainly don’t fit into a single type, just as their clients come in different shapes and sizes – figuratively speaking. You can’t be sure a curvaceous woman is with Escort Sydney Girls or not, but if she is, chances are she’s run into clients who act a certain way. Sometimes, this is a good thing; other times, it’s not.

So say you plan on engaging an escort soon, and you want to be sure you’re one of those blokes that a lovely woman wouldn’t mind entertaining. Below are a few behaviours that won’t be putting you on that sort of list any time soon.

Escort Sydney Girls1. Expecting the full booking when you arrive late. It’s true that there are situations you can’t control, such as traffic, your alarm going off late, and so on. If you meet with an escort, however, you can’t just give your reason and expect the full hour or so. She may have another client later in the day, and it won’t do for her to be late.

So don’t expect the full booking, and don’t demand it either. Do so and it’s very possible she’ll decline appointments with you in the future.

2. Saying you’re dissatisfied – after you climax. There are some escorts who feel clients are trying to avoid paying them whenever they do this, so they have every right to be suspicious. Besides, it’s very obvious that you received some pleasure. Tell her if something isn’t living up to your expectations – but be sure those expectations are realistic all the same.

3. Thinking ‘escort’ and ‘prostitute’ are interchangeable. This, says one escort, is possibly the worst thing a client can do. Remember that prostitutes charge for specific sex acts, while escorts charge for their time. In other words, you’re hiring them to be companions and anything sexy that happens is consensual, not to mention not based on the fee.

So don’t try to get an escort who won’t permit anal sex to let you go through the back door if you pay her extra – that’s degrading for both of you.

There are other client behaviours that escorts find frustrating, even for the generally accepting and patient ladies featured in the gallery at Escort Sydney Girls. Just keep in mind, as long as you treat her fairly, you’ll be among the clients she won’t mind seeing again and again.

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