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Escort Sydney Girls – This Play Called “BOB”

It’s a fact that today, anal sex is still a topic so awkward to discuss. Even then, more and more hetero couples are doing it, with more females enjoying penetrating their lovers. This play has been coined ‘bend over boyfriend, or simply, “Bob”.

If you haven’t done it before, try it now and find the experience exhilarating. Pretty sure, a lot of sleazy Escort Sydney Girls are also doing this today to their male clients.

Exploring the Male Anal Experience

Escort Sydney Girls

According to a respected sexologist, the entire rectal region (along with the bum and anus) is a field of immense physical and psychological pleasure which should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

Nowadays, sex shops have started noticing a growing number of male-female couples buying dildos and strap-ons for the bend-over-boyfriend play. Funny to see how a boyfriend anxiously waits in one corner while the significant other is busy shopping for a sex toy for him!

If you’ve no idea how to go about it, search online for educational videos or eBooks. There are even toy kits designed for the BOB solely. Naturally, it’s kind of a nerve-wracking experience for beginners. Therefore, there has to be full trust and plenty of sexual communication between the two of you. Remember, there’s a switching of roles here. It’s she who will be penetrating you.

So, if you and your partner are really interested to try this manoeuvre, here’s a basic guide for a fun and safe exploration of the male anal encounter.

  1. Bend Yourself Over Beforehand

Of course, you’ve got to explore your own body first and master the male genital anatomy. As you masturbate, integrate anal pleasure. Put on a latex glove and don’t forget the lube. With your finger, slowly stimulate your outer arse area in a circular motion before inserting a finger. Then, be honest to tell her what you like and don’t when you were doing your homework prior!

  1. Use of Dildos and Strap-ons

With BOB, one might imagine a woman wearing a harness and dildo. Okay so, let her feel how is it to penetrate you with the device, working on her hips and upper legs, adjusting her thrusting moves, and so on. This may take some time but practise makes perfect.

  1. Observe The Rules of Anal Play

Before the main event, you should have read all the safety rules. Ensure that everything is clean especially the sex toys.

The BOB experience is a novelty. Be among the first to take part. Let your beloved Escort Sydney Girls try it on you if you haven’t got a willing partner yet.

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