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Escort Sydney Girls – Tease Her with Your Tongue the Right Way

For many, the dating scene can be a tad difficult to navigate, especially if you’re not that experienced. The lovely courtesans at Escort Sydney Girls can help you improve your technique, whether it’s how you treat your date or if it’s your bedroom routine. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company without the awkwardness.

Escort Sydney GirlsWhen things start getting more physical and the clothes start coming off, you don’t want the awkwardness to come back because you’re unsure what to do, right? Fortunately, you have the best tool at your disposal – so here are the best places to use your tongue on her.

  1. Her earlobes and lips. Focus on her upper body first to build anticipation better, especially if you start with her head and shoulders. Use just the tip of your tongue to tease the edge of her earlobes, and work your way down to her lips. If you know how to kiss, there’s no doubt she’ll imagine your mouth on her lower lips, which will arouse her even more.
  1. Her neck. Using just the tip of your tongue, slowly lick a tiny area on her neck – the back is especially sensitive. You can transition to sucking that same area, or gently nipping at it. Either way, that will stoke the fire higher.
  1. Her back. This is also a pretty sensitive area, due to all the nerve endings. Slowly trail your tongue down the middle of her back, then stop just short of her butt and work your way back up. This is sure to eventually have her begging for more.
  1. Her boobs. This one’s a no-brainer, and while a woman’s breasts are well-known sweet spots, don’t head for the immediately. Instead, lick around the breasts themselves, going close enough to excite her before moving away. Soon she’ll be writhing for you to put your lips and tongue on them.

Of course, practice makes perfect, so practice these tongue moves on your partner when you can. If you don’t have a committed partner, just browse the gallery at Escort Sydney Girls to find the best pleasure professional for you!

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