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Escort Sydney Girls – New Study Surprisingly Notes That Those Who Travel More Have Lesser Morals

Do you consider yourself a regular travel bug? Well, if you, or your partner, travel more, a new study done by Columbia University in the US suggests that the more likely you are to cheat! While it’s true that travelling the world may broaden your horizons, it may also seem to reorient your moral compass! Let’s read further to find out what the Columbia University study reveals.

Escort Sydney GirlsThe Study is Titled “The Dark Side of Going Abroad”

In the Columbia University research paper titled “The Dark Side of Going Abroad”, it was revealed that students and professionals who travelled were much more likely to cheat, as compared to those who hadn’t packed their bags and headed off into the big wide world. But hey, if you’re single, who’s stopping you from travelling, or even dating the lovely Escort Sydney Girls back home?

The study covered 215 students who were given a quiz involving anagrams and told that they could “win an iPad. They took one quiz one month before travelling, then another six months after they left, and another six months after that. In the test, the students were asked to write either about life home or abroad, as well as solve an anagram that they hadn’t, thus allowing them the chance to cheat.

The Research Suggests That Going Abroad Tends to Create a “Moral Flexibility” in Travellers

Although the study team didn’t fully reveal all their parameters about the test proper (although they say that the test was properly done and “analysed”) the researchers wrote that going abroad tends to create a “moral flexibility” in travellers, which means that they reevaluate their values from home and can be partial to acting in a way they would previously have seen as normal.

The survey team also noted that the takeaway is that people who travel may find it easier to lie to their partners, which can be dangerous cocktail when combined with the allure of holiday or business trip romances (or the allure of visiting a city’s seedy red-light district, like in Amsterdam or Bangkok’s Pat Pong!).

But if you don’t travel that often (or you’ve never ever left home!), and you’re still single (or whatever), who’s stopping you from spending quality time with the hot and alluring Private Sydney Escorts?

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