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Escort Sydney Girls | Alternative Tools & Equipments For Kink Fans Who Are Short Of Cash

What is “kink”, and why are a lot of men and women interested in it, or are already adhering to it? Well, kink is defined as “any unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies, in contrast to conventional or “vanilla” sexual mores and practices”. The term can also be used to define “the practice of sexual fetishism, as well as other sexual activities that range from playful to sexual objectification, and certain paraphilias”. If you’re planning to incorporate some kink into your bedroom playtime, but you’re terribly short of cash, here are a couple of budget-friendly suggestions to seriously consider.

Escort Sydney GirlsClothespins & Binder Clips Make Perfect Nipple Clamps

Looking for stuff that can make a perfect substitute for the usual BDSM nipple clamp? Perhaps, you should start rummaging through your office drawer, or clothesline! According to BDSM experts, binder clips and clothespins work well as impromptu body, or nipple clamps, and would be great for use with your girlfriend, or your preferred Escort Sydney Girls!

Binder clips are large, claw-like clips that have metal arms, and these can easily be found in book stores and office supply stores. Clothespins can be found in the grocery or home improvement shop, and these can be used on the nipples, genitals and other parts of the body. These items are very affordable, but they should be disposed after use, to ensure cleanliness.

Spatulas & Slotted Spoons Make Great Spanking Tools

If you fancy doing some light to moderate spanking on your partner’s soft buttocks, skip the usual paddle or flogger, and head to the kitchen now! For spanking or impact toys, spatulas, slotted spoons, wooden spoons and other cooking utensils that resemble a paddle can be used for light and fun bondage play. Make sure you experiment with the material first, and talk to your partner whether the utensil is applicable for bedroom bondage play or not.

Scarves & Neck Ties Can Be Used For Tying-Up Your Partner

If ropes, tie wires and other rough stuff are not your type to use when tying up your partner in bed, why not use scarves or neck ties? Scarves and neck ties are a much safer, and silkier alternative to ropes, although some scarves can form a  very tight knot that’s quite impossible to untie. Perhaps you could consider using a scarf as a makeshift blindfold or gag instead?

Wether you’re using high-end stuff, or just employing cheaper alternatives from the kitchen or office drawer, always be extra careful when using them, and of course use a lot of common sense too.

Don’t forget to check the alternative bondage equipment too for splinters or breakage, so that you won’t hurt your hookup partner, or your favourite Escort Sydney Girls!

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