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Escort Sydney Girls – 4 Reasons Why You’re Having a Hard Time Getting Laid

As of now, you might be probably wondering why, after all this time, you’re still not getting laid. Or perhaps, the worst, you’re still a virgin. According to Escort Sydney Girls, sometimes, the problem lies with the fact that you’re lazy enough to try things. That you don’t exert too much effort on getting laid or even finding a woman to hook up with. Anyway, below are some reasons why you’re having a hard time spending the night with a girl. Check them out!

Escort Sydney GirlsYou’re Simply Boring

It’s pretty universal that when people are picking sex partners, they’re likely to go with the more interesting candidate if given a choice. In order to be interesting, that means having interests of some kind. Any kind, really. There’s a reason that a lot of chicks dig guys who are artsy or musical, and it’s because those men can easily demonstrate that they have pursuits that fall outside the realm of finding food, finding shelter or finding sex.

You Simply Make the Wrong Decisions

Did you read that and then immediately run out and take up some new hobbies with the intention of getting laid? Of course you did, you fool. Fact is, life doesn’t work that way. You can certainly make some changes in your life that may lead to you doing better with the ladies, but you can’t make changes for the express purpose of getting laid and expect it to work.

You Don’t Set Priorities

The only way to get whatever it is you’re after is to want the same thing most women (and normal people) want — a night spent meeting people, having a lot of fun and maybe ending in copulation if it feels right. Having fun and being a fun person is what leads to sex, not the other way around. Remember: you have to be clear with your priority – be it getting laid or simply having to spend a time with a woman. It’s your life after all.

You’re Standards Suck Big Time

If you’re really just looking to go out, meet someone and get laid, you can’t be super picky about who that person is. If you’ve decided, through whatever process, that you’re going out and viewing women as sex objects that exist solely for your satisfaction, you have to be willing to accept a woman who will not only allow herself to be seen that way, but sees you the same way herself. Those women definitely exist, but the reality is that it’s not going to be the tall, smoldering brunette with a killer personality and a lot of friends around her.

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